Open Source Project for an American Football Management Simulation type game(like Football Manager, OOTP Baseball, Franchise Hockey Manager, etc). Coded in VB.net/C#

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Welcome to Goal Line Stand Football!

This Open Source Project has been created to bring a level of realism and career simulation that seems to be missing from many Football games on the market. This is an opportunity to get in at the near ground level of a project and help put your stamp on it. Design, Implementation, Features, etc are all up for discussion at this point. Some things have been designed. A scheduler that implements all NFL scheduling rules, a play by play parser that pulls out all the play by play data and puts it into a database so stored procedures can be ran to pull statistical information from it, player creation code, etc...

This isn't at a build stage as of yet. It currently has several parts that are developed individually but not linked together.

Programming Language:

This project is being coded in VB.net and C#. They are equivalent languages so they can be converted quite easily between each other. Supposedly there is also a way to get projects in VS 2015 to run using both VB.net and C# together in a single project. Either are welcome.

What We Are Looking For

There are two groups needed for this project. A "Coding" Group and a "Football" Group. The football group will be helping to research and create various football related items such as Penalty Enforcement Rules, Salary Cap Rules, League Calendar, etc while also working on the creative side by coming up with how things should work---what attributes are needed to succeed at each position, how teams should evaluate players, etc...these are both very important aspects of the game because they need to be completed before they get coded. Once the football group comes up with ideas it will be moved to the "Coding" group who will have a clear design framework to implement in code.

Once enough contributors are in each group, we will form "Councils" for each group of 3-5 members which will meet semi-regularly for chats. Maybe every 2 weeks at first to update and talk about things that need to be designed and get opinions on how to best go about it, and then once we get a good feel for everything maybe once a month. I will play a part on both councils but eventually I would like to delegate the "Lead" of the councils to other people.

How To Contribute/Contact

If you would like to contribute to this project in anyway, feel free to join the project and I will add you as a contributor.

Slack is integrated for discussion and chat purposes and our slack homepage is https://goallinestand.slack.com

You can also email at codeliftsleep@yahoo.com to get in contact.